Do you need real support right now?

Are you ready to let go of old patterns and gain inner strength & inner peace?

Have you been feeling stuck?

Are you getting in your own way?

Are you letting your external situation or surroundings control your moods, emotions and actions.

You know there's something really great out there for you, if only you could just access it.

Perhaps you've been doing things you "should" for so long, you've forgotten what it feels like to do YOU.

Or are you confused about which action (if any) to take next?

You're ready to let go of any, or all, of these:  fear, guilt, shame, resentment, blame, feeling alone, perfectionism, procrastination, and lack of self-trust or self-confidence.

You want to regain trust in your own abilities, let go of recurring patterns, and really learn to love yourself. Let go of fear, judgement and worry.

Have you've been ‘fixing’ things in your external world, and still feeling that internal longing for something more?

Or maybe you’ve been waiting for something 'outside' of you to change, hoping things will be different, but deep down you know that real change starts from within.

You've read the ‘positive-thinking' books, and you've done your "positive affirmations", but still you're left wondering why nothing's changing?!?

You're really looking for lasting change, once . and . for . all.

Ready for inner peace?

Ready for inner peace? 


Online coaching via Zoom, I'm here for you

All my coaching is online via Zoom. 

I have clients around the world, who I help to get clear about what they really want (no more settling for someone else’s dreams), let go of fears, so that they can be in the best position to decide on what action to take next.

As a certified holistic life coach, I help you find your own inner wisdom, so that you can make decisions from a place of peace and love in order to move forward in the direction you choose. 

When you can focus on your internal strength, you are no longer being controlled by external factors. The external factors will always be there (e.g. What was your problem four problems ago?), but when you learn to get to the root cause of your patterns, and heal the foundation, you can break those patterns and move forward with a life you love. 

Whether it’s relationship struggles, weight issues, self-image, career or parenting topics, I’m here for you.  

Our coaching is confidential, and personalised to suit your needs. 

I'm here to help you overcome your challenges in 2020, from pandemics to parenting, job search or inner peace, I am here for you.

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Let's see if we're a good match. Don't push through on your own any more. I'll help you find your own inner wisdom to move forward and take action from the place you know you want to.

Mindset change

are you ready for any, or all, of these results?

You've come to the right coach if you know you're ready for...

Inner peace – freedom from worry, guilt, self-loathing, resentment, loneliness, frustration. To live in joy and happiness.

Confidence –  step into the world, have fun and do the things you love, and achieve your desires, without feeling weighed down by your emotions, your appearance or your judgements.

To love yourself and accept yourself even before any external changes have taken place. 


To relax and trust life.

To achieve your heart’s desires.

To learn your internal and external triggers and release them.

To uncover why you’re stuck and learn how to move forward.

Clarity on how to move forward, and what action steps to take.

To develop the tools so that these things no longer trigger you and if they do, you know how to cope with them in healthy and self-soothing ways.

To gain a sense of purpose and reward in your life.

To be at ease with yourself, and your body and its changes, in all phases of womanhood.

To learn to pick yourself up, instead of beating yourself up, after setbacks. Instead of giving up, you learn boost yourself up.

To release old patterns and habits that no longer serve your highest good.

To shift your mindset, so that you’re in a better position to make healthier, more empowering choices for yourself.

Accountability to make the changes you so desire.

Better relationships.

Lasting change!

I've got your back!

The great news is that you don't need to feel alone any more. Let's do this!

How we can work together


Book your Free 45-minute Discovery Call

Get in touch now to book your free 45-minute Discovery Call. 

Let's get acquainted!

During this confidential video call, I'll find out where you're at in your life right now, I'll share with you how I can help you move forward, and we'll see which coaching option is the best match for you.

I offer one-off sessions (60-75 minutes), and coaching bundles (most popular for accountability, progress, commitment and lasting change).

Book your free 45-minute Discovery Call and learn how start living the life you know you want.