Hello, Beautiful Soul

I'm Leanne Bier

A certified holistic life coach. 

I help heart-centred women gain clarity about what they really want, uncover & let go of what’s holding them back, heal their past, create inner peace right now and move forward with a future they love.

I work with women of all stages in life who are ready to commit to real change. 


Leanne Bier is a Holistic Life Coach and Vision-board Workshop leader. 

Leanne helps women around the world gain clarity about what they really want, helps them to let go of fear and limiting beliefs, uncover why they are stuck, and reach for their dreams with confidence.

Through her inspiring Vision-Board workshops, Leanne has guided over 120 women to get clear and take heart-driven action.  The results the attendees are experiencing have been astounding; from tripling their income, turning their health around, launching their own businesses, getting their dream home, to selling their hand-made crafts and learning to love and accept themselves.

In her one-on-one coaching practice, Leanne helps her clients tap into their inner wisdom and gain insights to heal their past and move forward with a life they’re excited about. 

Leanne says, “So many of us have spent our lives doing what we think society expects of us, that we’ve forgotten how to listen to our own guidance. We’ve forgotten what truly brings us joy.” 

Leanne has an honours degree in psychology, years of corporate experience, as well as a Montessori teaching qualification. 

After nearly 2 decades of doing jobs that didn’t fulfil her, and collecting more certifications than she could fit on her resume, Leanne ditched the idea of a corporate title, and set out to live her dream of inspiring others and teaching them how to be happy from the inside out.

After overcoming her own struggles with self-love, inner confidence, body image, and people-pleasing, Leanne has experienced a radical transformation. She learned that no matter where you go in the world, you take yourself with you. And that no amount of material possessions can bring you joy if you’re not fulfilled internally. Having moved continents 3 times in search of happiness, she has gained the wisdom of how to find happiness from within. 

What Leanne’s clients love most about her is her genuine, down-to-earth and approachable energy. They feel relaxed to be themselves and safe to share in a loving environment created by Leanne. They love her gentle, yet firm, coaching style. She is very insightful and empathetic. 

When she’s not inspiring women around the world to love themselves, gain confidence and reach for their dreams, Leanne loves time at the beach, shaking the day off at a Zumba class, experimenting with healthy recipes, playing with her young daughter and spending quality family-time at home.

You can read more about Leanne’s personal transformation journey on her inspiring and down-to-earth blog posts.

Work with Leanne from anywhere in the world. She currently has clients in Australia, USA, South Africa and Kenya. Find out more...


Your Guide & Mentor

Real Change that lasts

Real Change that lasts

As a Holistic Life Coach, I’m there to be your guide, your hand-holder, your cheerleader, and to help you see the greatness inside of yourself. It also means that I help you to look at your whole self. I see you as a whole person, capable of beautiful things in this world.

Any aspect of your life that is out of balance, will impact you as a whole, whether it's work, business, emotional, health, relationships, family, or love.

Even the greatest teachers of our times have not done it alone. 

We all need a partner and guide to help us uncover what's holding us back, and remind us how to see our own strengths once again, and shine!


Real Change that lasts

Real Change that lasts

Real Change that lasts

I work with clients from around the world, who are ready to make big shifts and experience significant transformations in their lives.

Real change comes from being committed to that change, and investing in yourself and your future.

By now you have realised, that there is no quick fix, or magic pill, when we are ready to transform our lives.  It’s not a rushed thing that you get to tick off a to-do list.

Real change takes time, it takes accountability, it takes habit.

I'm here to help you on your path to your highest vision of yourself.


Learning from the best

Real Change that lasts

Learning from the best

Investing in myself and my future, to help you transform yours,  I've trained and certified with renowned Hay House spiritual teacher, mentor, coach and best-selling author, Alan Cohen.

Alan founded and runs the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching, based in Hawaii, USA. He also hosts a show on Hay House Radio.

You can read more about my coaching journey, and how after graduating with an honours degree in psychology more than 20 years ago, I let fear and limiting beliefs hold me back, until I started to do the real inner work, on my blog.