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Courage & Clarity from Mum & Daughter

"I took a leap of faith in myself & attended Leanne’s Vision Board Workshop last Sunday. My daughter accepted my invitation to come with me & am I glad we did. My emotional state was tenuous & as Leanne greeted me with a gentle warm hug she told me that tears were good. My daughter & the 8 other beautiful women embraced me with warmth & an unstated acknowledgement that I was safe.
What a wonderful way to spend my Sunday with my daughter as we were able to create our own unique board of visions of what we want to be, do & have. Leanne is such a gentle & genuine soul who shared such wisdom & insight. I will always remember that on January 20 2019 at the age of 62, with my daughter present, I was able to have a sense of clarity about what I want in my life." - Diane


Here's what the participants said...

"Wonderful. Lovely opportunity to think about priorities in life & how to make them come to life! A beautiful day!"

"Amazing. Very grateful. I know now what I want for 2019, thank you."

"Such a gift - to take a day from "Life" and centre self."

"Fabulous. Thank you so much for helping me get started on my journey of my personal vision."

""Amazing I'm so glad I came and have been able to dream in a safe environment with other inspiring ladies."



"An absolute delight & an incredible way to spend a day.  Leanne, you create a sacred space that allows reflection, sharing and safety to be vulnerable. Thank you!"

"A great opportunity to have time and guidance to gain clarity on how to move forward."

"Amazing, inspiring, meditative. Leanne, you are a wonderful Vision Board guide. I'm grateful the Universe showed me . our FB post."

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Great value

Great value

Great value


"It was a peaceful day and felt indulgent for my spirit in every way. Wonderful to connect with other women with similar life challenges. We are different and yet the same...

Loved Leanne’s gentle and warm coaching. She made everything flow like a breeze, but there is clearly a lot of work that goes behind the scenes...

My vision board revealed new aspirations to me and I am thankful for this visual reminder of my goals everyday." - Sabrina


Great value

Great value


"I didn't know how to get started or clear on what I wanted."

"I realised that since I was young, others in my family didn't believe in me, so I let my dreams go. Now I can see that I'm doing what I want to do, finally."

"Thank you for encouraging me. It was very valuable in creating clarity in my heart". - Liz


Great value



"Leanne, thank you so much for Sunday, it was a fantastic day and I enjoyed every minute.  I am really proud of my board and even my husband and kids said I should frame it! ;-)
I’m so looking forward to see what unfolds over the coming days, weeks and months."
- Penny

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing workshop - you planned and and executed the seminar with so much love, it was beautiful.
It was fantastic to see the change in all the ladies, they were beaming afterwards. You have truly created some change and a little miracle in all of us - your energy is very special.
;)" - Lena


Inspiring & Fun



"I even bought all the materials to do it at home, but after a busy day, I was just too tired and not in the right space."

"I'm so busy during the week, I just couldn't find the time to make my Vision Board at home on my own."

Inspiring & Fun

Inspiring & Fun

Inspiring & Fun


"Such a rewarding, inspiring and fun day!! Leanne, I truly enjoyed your workshop." - Nadia

Goals & Dreams

Inspiring & Fun

Inspiring & Fun


"Thank you Leanne for an inspirational day and for helping me get a clearer picture of my goals and dreams , loved every minute of it!" - Melanie

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