Virtual / Online Vision Board Workshops

Online Virtual Vision Board Workshop

New dates coming soon!

Online via ZOOM 

Attending a virtual Vision Board Workshop is awesome because you don’t have to leave your home, and can still connect with like-minded peers, get the coaching you need to become clear about what you really want, and set heart-felt intentions over the months ahead.

Creating a Vision Board is more than just a bunch of pictures on a poster board. 

NOW more than ever is the best time to BE the person you say you want to be. Learn how to let go of what’s holding you back, let go of fear, and fill your cup from the INSIDE out, so that when you can finally HAVE those external wishes (like holidays and news careers etc etc.) you’re coming from a strong mental place, rather than trying to fill an empty cup.

*Note: Because of the powerful work in our day together, there are limited spaces available (some already filled). They will fill up fast – so please act quickly.  Fears, doubts and wavering are only the ego's way of holding you from realising your dreams ;). 

May 2020 Virtual Vision Board Workshop...

Online Virtual Vision Board Workshop

We met on Zoom to create big dreams!

Online Virtual Vision Board Workshop

Beautiful Vision Boards created!

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Here's what you'll get...


Clarity on what you really want

No more settling for someone else's dreams.

Space and time to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life

Connection with like-minded peers

No Debbie Downers permitted ;)

Time to let go!

Clear out the natural 'gunk' that arises.

Breathing room and dream-time

The very thing you keep telling yourself you'll give yourself but never do!

Your supplies checklist

So you'll have everything you need! Including digital options for a fully digital vision board.

All *materials you'll need

So you'll have everything you need to make your powerful Vision Board. (*Brisbane-based participants only, pick-up to be arranged)

A beautiful Vision Board

To effortlessly attract your ideals outcomes in the months ahead. 

A full-day coaching experience

Get the guidance you need on the spot.

Post-workshop support

So you don't get stuck in old mindsets and patterns. 

Online vision board workshops in groups & one-on-one

Are you ready to get clarity and make your dreams come true?

Ready to get clear about what you really want?

Would you like a daily visual reminder about what lights you up?

A Vision Board is not about having more stuff.

It IS tool to help you get clarity in one or more areas of your life right now: business, career, family, health, travel, and self.
AND it also opens your mind up to new possibilities, ones you didn't know existed.

It's about who you want to BE, who you're becoming, the things you want to experience, and the person you are being in the world around you. After all, that's what life is really about, isn't it?

I love seeing my Vision Board Workshop participants's faces light up when ideas come to them they didn't think of until they were doing the clarity work together or going through the magazines.


YES please!

This is a full-day coaching experience in an intimate group. NOW ONLINE!!
You'll get the space you need to get clear, set heart-driven intentions, and create your own vision board.

Wold you like to join me?

Get in touch, I'll send you all the info.

Limited spaces in this intimate group coaching experience. 

Personalised one-on-one sessions available too!

I'd love to support you in 2020!

Leanne x


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Vision Board Workshops in Brisbane

Inspiration and action ahead

Inspiration and action ahead

Inspiration and action ahead


Kind words from particpants

Inspiration and action ahead

Inspiration and action ahead

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